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Erik Mayer





Erik Mayer is a young artist of Slovakian origin. Already established in the Munich urban art scene, he is now testing his techniques on wall, canvas and paper.

His inspiration comes from nature, the cosmos and everyday life. In his work he transforms them with spray can and acrylic paint.

Erik starts his artistic process with abstraction and then searches for character in the color planes and shapes. When elaborating in detail, he deliberately breaks the ingrained norms and principles. He fuses animal and human anatomy with complex geometric and abstract forms, adding new dimensions to the found world.

With the design of the walls in the Munich slaughterhouse area originally arose the idea to remind with his art of the inseparability of man and his natural environment.

The motif can be unfold in different ways in front of the viewer in relation to the setting. This lets the viewer – you – be seduced.

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